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Megaduct 220

Megaduct 220


The large capacity of MegaDuct 220 ensures that it can cope with the air volume generated
by the high extraction rates of the new stylish cooker hoods now on the market. Unwanted air and smells can be removed effectively and efficiently. It is a case of duct and hood in
perfect harmony. The benefits of MegaDuct 220 are an improved living environment and
quieter, less overworked and longer-lasting cooker hoods.

MegaDuct 220 is the next generation of ducting and, as kitchen manufacturers, hood manufacturers, builders and designers begin to work together it will soon become the norm.

The low profile of MegaDuct 220 makes it easier to conceal than an equivalent 150mm round duct. This makes it more suitable for installation along the top of wall units or fitting in ceiling voids and other confined spaces.

Bends, connectors and adapters ensure MegaDuct 220 offers the installer the flexibility to achieve almost any ducting configuration and the ability to connect to other Ducting systems.