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Thermapipe 125



ThermaPipe is a range of circular pipe available in three sizes that provides effective ducting for a variety of applications. It is wrapped in an insulation of bubble wrap with an aluminium foil cover providing excellent protection against condensation and enables a high level of temperature control to be achieved.


Internal joints can be connected using the push-fit low loss connections from the EasiPipe range. Insulation joints should be sealed with aluminium duct tape.


The 5mm thick insulation sleeve is formed from a multi-layer bubble film insulation with aluminium foil bonded to the outer face. It is waterproof and will act as an effective vapour barrier if all joints are sealed. It contains no CFCs or other ozone-depleting chemicals and meets Class 1 requirements tested to BS476 Part 7.


The thermal conductivity of ThermaPipe is 0.042 W/mK and therefore meets the requirements of BRE IP 13/94 for Passive Stack Ventilation Systems and BRE Digest 398 for Mechanical Ventilation with
Heat Recovery.


ThermaPipe is available with either 100mm, 125mm or 150mm internal diameters and, with its favourable pressure loss coefficients, is therefore ideal for all whole-house ventilation systems, passive stack and air conditioning systems.


The various pipes, bends, connectors, adapters and clips that comprise the ThermaPipe and EasiPipe systems provide the scope to meet the majority of ventilation requirements and allows the installer to interchange between other Ducting systems.