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Quick and easy installation
FireBrake is very simple to install. Its user friendly nature avoids improvisation during fitting particularly in areas that are difficult to access. This is a significant advantage over wraps and collars.


FireBrake ensures professional installation. It is the correct fire stop for all Flat-pack rectangular ventilation ducting.


In most fire-stopping applications two collars or wraps are required, one on either side. Thus FireBrake can provide substantial cost savings, especially in installation time. No maintenance is required.


For masonry or stud walls and concrete floors
FireBrake is designed for multipurpose installation. For stud walls the steel casing (fitted as standard) ensures that the product closes inwards. The 125mm length of FireBrake is sufficient to prevent it falling through a stud wall once the duct has melted away. This is not the case with most collars. Wraps are not suitable for use within stud walls.


Robust Construction
FireBrake is strong enough to cope with the rigours of transportation and the hazardous environment on building sites. Its sturdy nature inspires confidence that it will be fit for purpose.


No additional fixings necessary
FireBrake does not require additional fixings, such as screws and metal anchors. This saves considerable time and money on site.


Forms an integral part of the ducting system
FireBrake acts as a connector. It can be incorporated as part of the ducting system design providing a seamless configuration.


Designed to put safety first
FireBrake helps prevent careless installation. This is a common problem with wraps and collars as they are difficult to work with. Careless installation can result in failure under fire conditions.


Independent Fire Test:

1 - wrap on one side only;

2 - collar fitted on one side only;

3 - wraps on both sides;

4 - FireBrake centred within the wall;

5 - collars fitted on both sides of the wall.