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Mech-Elec boxes type KSV are mechanically actuated terminal units for using in constant air volume and single duct installations.

KSV boxes are made in galvanised steel-sheet with thermal-acoustical insulation. Consist in a galvanised casing with inlet (circular or rectangular) connection and a rectangular outlet.

Also available under request, our KSV boxes can incorporated a multi-discharge plenum with a

maximum of 5 spigots.

The KSV unit is used as an expansion box in high speed installations and its automatic control system

maintains the desired air flow rate for each room, independent of pressure variations, which might

occur at the inlet.

The KSV-R units fulfil the same function as the KSV, but installed in the exhaust duct.




The mechanical control system works without external energy. The pressure at the inlet of the box

exercises a force on the specially designed damper blade.

This force on the damper axis, together with a number of elements connected to the axis make the

damper blade modify its position as well as to maintain the air flow rate constant at the factory set

value, independent of the box inlet pressure.