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Commercial Fans

Sensors and Switches

Sensors and Switches

Model Function Use with
RC3 On/Off, Eco, Forward/Reverse
Variable Speed
CD6, CD9 and CD12 fans. For use with single or multiple Fans. Use with up to 2 CD12 or 5 CD6 and CD9 Fans.
RC4 On/Off, Eco, Forward/Reverse
Variable Speed, Auto/Manual
CD6, CD9 and CD12 fans in conjunction with sensors. For use with single or multiple Fans. Use with up to 2 CD12 or 5 CD6 and CD9 Fans.

Remote Sensor Options

Model Function Recommended Siting of Control Example
HH-R Humidity 30–90% RH (2– 40mins overrun) Mid wall height Shower room
AQ-R Air Quality eg. Hydrogen (Cigarette Smoke) & Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Ethanol, Iso-Butane (2– 40mins overrun) Around head height Pubs/clubs
PIR-R Passive Infra Red up to 7m detection (2– 40mins overrun) Maximum 2.2m high Toilet not in full time use
TH-R Temperature 5–35°C (Fixed 2 mins overrun) Around head height Pubs/clubs
TA-R Timer 2– 40mins   Anywhere

Eco Switch Options

Model Function
HH6/HH9/HH12 Integral Humidity Sensor 30–90% RH (2– 40mins overrun).
AQ6/AQ9/AQ12 Integral Air Quality Sensor (2– 40mins overrun) – see AQ-R above for function.
PIR6/PIR9/PIR12 Integral Passive Infra-Red Sensor (2– 40mins overrun) up to 7m detection. Maximum 2.2m high.
TH6/TH9/TH12 Integral Temperature Sensor 5–35°C (Fixed 2 min overrun).
TA6/TA9/TA12 Integral Overrun Timer 2– 40mins.